7 changes that happen when you stop smoking

A lot of people have the intention to stop smoking. Many of them try it, but experience tells us most fall back in their old habits. But its worth to really stop smoking because once you do this 7 changes happen to your body.

It’s Always a good idea to stop smoking. But the only way to really stop is to be determined in your head that this is something that you want. Research shows that about 5% of the people that try to stop smoking really succeed doing it.

1. 20 minutes after your last sigaret your blood pressure en your hartrate go back to normal, thats a good start! After two hours you become uneasy and you feel a big drive to smoke a sigaret. Also you can get a big appitite for food. SO frustrating!.. you need a sigaret right now! The uneasy feeling and the stress that you feel are inside your head but your body is saying something else. Your bloodpressure and heartrate are normal instead of abnormally high when you were smoking.

2. After 8 hours the carbon monoxide level and the oxygen level in your blood are back to normal. So much less stress for your body, because it doesn’t have to work as hard against all the chemicals in your blood from smoking. Now you are starting to recover from all the years of smoking. You notice that you get drowsy, maybe get a little headeach, have to cough more and you feel a bit lightheaded.

3. Your body is working hard, so it is good to take good care of your body now. Eat well, go outside, take a fresh breath of air, go to the gym and especially drink a lot of water!

4. After only 24 hours the chance of a heart attack is less than before. Good Job! The layer on your tongue that you had from smoking dissapears after only 48 hours. Food starts tasting better and you start to smell better! You are noticing the benefits now, you should be proud! Your sences are coming back to life for the first time in years because you were smoking. You start to think quicker, you react faster and you feel stronger!

5. After only 3 days all of the nicotine is cleaned out of your body and you notice you can breath easier. Use that to motivate you and go outside and take a big sniff of fresh air. Your lungs are really happy with the clean air!

6. In just 2 to 3 months time your lungcapaciity has improved with 30%. You notice that when you hit the gym your endurance jumps leaps forward, your not out of breath like you were when you were smoking. Walking on the stairs is like a piece of cake. You feel fitter and you look better! Your face has more colour and your skin has better blood circulation.

7. After 1 month the small cilia in your lungs start to grow back and after 9 months of not smoking your lungs are able to keep themselve clean again. That is when your lungs start the big clean up. Unfortunately some of the alveoli in your lungs are damaged beyond repair and they have lost their elasticity because of smoking. But the longer you stopped smoking, the better your lungcapacity gets and the more energy you get. Isn’t it beautifull how the body can repair itself after our mistakes. We get a second chance.

2 years after you stopped smoking is the chance of a heart attack the same as someone that has never smoked. The chance of lung, mouth or throat cancer has decreased in half after 5 years.

And the advantages don’t stop there!

. After 10 years your health will be the same as someone who has never smoked.
. Life gets a lot cheaper without those expensive sigarrets.
. You and your surroundings don’t smell nasty anymore.

For the ones that manage to stop smoking, I say GOOD JOB!

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