7 Tips that will save you a lot of money

Save money tips

Do you also have the problem that a month is longer than your salary or income? I think everyone know this problem. So there are ways to save money and make sure your incomes streches longer and the month is covered. Just follow this tips.

So to make sure your income doesn’t come short with these 7 tips.

  1. Make sure you know what your monthly costs are and what’s left for free spending.
  2. Now take that amount that is ment for free spending and write down the things you do with it.
  3. Don’t buy things because others do, buy thinks that you want and need
  4. Don’t get to attached to ‘stuff’ but dedicate yourself to experience more which can be free most of the time. Think of a nice view, enjoying a Sunny day outside or having a drink with some friends.
  5. Do yo really need designer clothes? There are a lot of good clothing that isn’t expensive.
  6. Need a new Phone, pants, sweater? Don’t buy it at the start of the month but wait until the end of the month and if you still want it than buy it.
  7. If there is some money left, don’t plan to spend it that month. If you take that money to the next month you will have more freedom in the upcoming month.

Small changes can make a big difference over time. So challange yourself to spend as little as possible once in a while. it will make you appreciate the small things and how good you can have it.

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