Get rid of fluffy hair with these tips

Fluffy hair can ruin your day. You don’t feel good because you know your hair isn’t as beautiful as it can be. It just doesn’t look good. So we have some tips that WILL help you get rid of your fluffy hair.

  1. Don’t put the water temperature too high when taking a shower. The hot water dries up your hair wich will get fluffy quicker.
  2. Use a conditioner after you use shampoo. Conditioner closes up the hair molecules and makes it smooter and better protected against the elements.
  3. After the shower dry yuor hair with microfibre towel. This way your hair dries up quicker wich makes the proces of drying up less stressful for your hair.
  4. Plastic hairbrushes can become staticly charged which will make your hair fluffy. Use a wooden hairbrush to avoid this.
  5. Avoid too much blow drying your hair. The heat damages your hair which becomes vulnerable for the elements and become fluffy sensitive.
  6. When you go to sleep don’t leave your hair loose. Make it a ponytail to avoid extra damage and avoid knots in your hair.
  7. Humid air makes your hair dry and increases the chance of “fluffyness”. So when it’s dark and humide outside try making a ponytail to avoid too much exposure to the elements.

Follow this tips and your hair will definetly be fluffy proof!!

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