How you can get hair dye stains out of your skin and clotes

Taking stains out of your skin and clothes

Most girls know this problem. You dyied your hair only to find out that you got some of the colour on your forehead. And what now? Water and soap/shampoo don’t really help. The colour is waterproof after all.

So this is what you can do to get rid of dye coulour on your skin or clothes.

If you’ve got a stain on your forehead you need a cotton pad and some cigarette ash. Make the cotton pad wet and put on the pad some of the ash. Now rub the cotton pad over the stains a few times and wash it up whith some water. And gone is the stain!

If you’ve got a stain in your clothes from dying your hair put some hairspray on the stain and let it dry for 30 minutes. Now put the clothing in the washing machine like the rest of your clotes. After the wash all the stains in your clothing will be gone.

I dare you to try this, IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!

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