Overcome your fear of dogs with these tips

Fear of dogs

A lot of people have a fear of dogs. Big dogs specially. And the reason mostly is because someone got bit or attacked by a dog once in their lives. And that’s really a shame because dogs can be a mans best friend. The fear of dogs won’t go away from itself. It is a fear that stay’s with you your whole life. With these tips you can manage your fears and in time overcome these fears.

  1. If your’e walking down the park and the owner and the dog come close ask them politly if they wanna put a leash on their dog and say that you have a fear of dogs.
  2. Never stare in to the eyes of a dog! When you stare at a dog it means to him that you are challanging him and he will react to it.
  3. Focus on the dogs tail. That way you can see in what kind of a mood the dog is.
  4. Don’t make sudden movements. The dog might startle and react to it by biting.
  5. Don’t run away when the dog is there. Dogs love to run after everything and everyone. Often when you stop running so will the dog.
  6. Try ignoring the dog. Don’t call him or give him attention, don’t touch him and don’t give him a reason to react on you.
  7. If your’e visiting someone that has dogs ask them if they want to isolate the dog in the time that you are there.

Realize that when a dog comes at you he most likely is just curious or exited. When a dog sniffles you thats just his way of getting to know you. A lot of dogs have learned that they get attention when they jump on people, and while this is stressfull for someone who is afraid of dogs you should know that the dog doesn’t mean you any harm. Work on this tips and they will help you to get over your fear of dogs.

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Overcome your fear of dogs with these tips
A lot of people have a fear of dogs. Big dogs specially. And the reason mostly is because someone got ...
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