Places in your house that you probably forget to clean

Places we forget to clean

In every Household there are a lot of spots that we forget to clean. But why do we forget these places? Probably because we forget, it takes too much effort to do them everytime but specially because we don’t see them. If we realize that dust and germs thrive everywhere we might just wanna take the extra care for our house to clean up this secret places. So what are those places?

  1. The computer and TV screen is usually full of dust and we only see this when the sun shines on our screen. Also behind the TV is a place that’s beeing forgotten all the time.
  2. Underneath the couch is also one of this places. There you’ll find pieces of candy, dust, spider webs and probably some small toys too.
  3. The topside of every door is full of dust.
  4. Window frames are full of dust and not regularly cleaned.
  5. Underneath the cutlery you will find leftovers from months ago.
  6. In the refrigerator the rubbers that fall against the door.
  7. Corners of the ceiling are usually full of spider webs and dust.
  8. Underneath cabinets and the desk.
  9. Inside the microwave and the edges.

If we all take care of this places our houses will be a lot cleaner and healthier. Did you forget one of this places?

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