This is how you stop snoring and keeping your partner awake

Stop snoring with these tips

Snoring is really difficult for the one laying next to you and in some cases it can destroy a relationship. I mean, if your partner can’t get a good night sleep, eventually it will couse problems. But why do we snore and is there a way to prevent snoring? We know ways that will definetly helpt you snore less. So follow this tips carefully.

Snoring is something that effects at least 30% of people if not more. The reason people snore can have more than one reason, but in short: you snore when your respiratory airways are narrowed or even closed. When you have a cold for example or have an allergie your airways get blocked and your’e more likely to snore. But there are a lot more reasons that you can snore, if people have a high fat percentage or a big tongue that block the airways. But happily there are ways to make the chance of snoring smaller.

  1. Take a hot shower before going to bed and it will help open your airways so you can have a good night sleep.
  2. Try sleeping on your side and avoid sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your back your tongue falls back down and blockes the airways.
  3. Make sure you drink enough water during the day. When you have a dry throat your’e more likely to snore.
  4. Your’e more likely to snore when there is a lot of dust in the air. So having a clean house will help against snoring.
  5. Don’t use alcohol before going to bed. When you drink alcohol your glands start to relax and block your airways.
  6. Make sure the room temperature is not too high. The hotter the temperature the dryer the air and that can also couse snoring.

This tips will definetly help the ones who snore a lot. Try them!

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