7 tips to travel MUCH cheaper than you normaly would

So you want to travel and see the world. But we all know that travel is not cheap! Thats Always a bummer. But fortunatly there are cheaper ways of traveling than the regular way. Which just might make your yourney possible.

So traveling is all about preperation. You find all the information you need before you start packing. Here are some thips to make your holiday a LOT cheaper.

  1. Try buying last minute tickets (and let your departure be defined by it).
  2. Look for a cheaper country to travel than you leave in. That is an easy way of saving money.
  3. Popular tourist destinations WILL be more expensive that the other parts of every country. It might save you a lot of money to choose a destination that is not as popular among tourists.
  4. Try hitchiking for local travels. That is for free and you might learn some new things from the kind driver. In some countries hitchhiking is a normal thing while in other countries thats not done.
  5. Don’t go to a restaurant every time you want to eat but make your own sandwiches and take those with you.
  6. Souveniers offered on the Streets you can Always negotiate. Are they asking 3 dollars for something? Make an offer for 1 dollar and you’ll get it for 2 dollars.
  7. Don’t rush. When you wanna save money sometimes you don’t get to be there first but you will have money left when you return.

Whit these tips you can save a lot of money (even if you don’t follow all the tips). Let the adventurer in you go wild!

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