True or false: A well dusted house is a sign of a wasted life

A clean home is a sign of having no life

How clean a house is will differ from person to person. And while it is common that younger people tent to be a bit more messy, it really is a different mindset from person to person. What is clean to me doesn’t necessarly have to be clean for you, you might think the house is dirty. But from time to time when your just to busy with work and other life’s ordeals your house will become messy for you! So what is a good balans between having a clean house but not in a way that it takes up all of your time?

First of all a clean house and a messy one are two different things. Messy just means (correct me if I’am wrong) that you have a lot of stuff all over the place. Clean is more of a hygienic thing. In my house when it’s clean but a bit messy I don’t mind. But I can’t stand it when my house is dirty.

A good tip would be, if you clean up after yourself a few times a day you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time to clean the whole house in one go. So you are breaking down a big job into smaller pieces. That’s how I do it and it works just fine. Every week orso I do clean up the whole house but the way I do it just doesn’t take up too much of my time.

How can you find your easy way?
The trick is to know yourself. If you have a problem with cleaning up after yourself, you might be better off cleaning your whole house in one go, twice a week for example. But that way you do have to make the time twice a week to be able to do this and if your’e not? Well the house wil get messy pretty fast. I think if you do it a little every time you probably spend the same amount of time on cleaning but it is easier to find more 5 minutes than 2 hours in a day. So that’s my theorie on it.

And in my case a clean house doesn’t meant a wasted life because I don’t spend all my time dusting off. Be carefull with a clean house tough. I mean, if you want to have it perfect all the time, that is gonna cost u a LOT of time and in that case the saying “A well dusted house is a sign of a wasted life” might just be true.


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