With these 6 tips your housecat will never violate your rules again!

Cat and rules

So I have heard a lot of stories by people saying that you can’t train a cat like a dog. So lets get one thing clear. A cat will never be a dog. A cat is more independent altough one of my cats is a hug addict. But that aside a cat is Always more independent and they don’t have learning skills like dogs. At least that’s what almost every cat owner will say. I however with a lot of perseverance got my cats (Azra and Nala) to learn every rule that I wanted them to do or not do. So how did I do it?

First thing you need to know is that cats don’t learn the way dogs do. So cats have a different way of connecing dots. Also cats have a less submissive character. Which means while you can teach a dog to sit in one day. For a cat you would need at least a week. So giving it time is I think the most important thing here. While my cats learned every rule in the house whitin 3 weeks, for teaching them not to go on the kitchen counter I needed 9 weeks of determination.

Tip 1
Start teaching the cat your houserules as soon as you get them. The sooner you start teaching the easier they will learn.

Tip 2
You have to have 1 system that lets them kknow your angry which means that what they are doing is not good. What I did was tapping on their butt lightly and pointing with my finger (because they don’t understeand your words). An make sure everytime they break a rule you to the same things (for me it was picking them up, tapping on their rears and pointing my finger and saying no, yoour not allowed to do that).

Tip 3
You have to get off the couch everytime they brake the rule. So you cannot be lazy with these. Everytime they brake a rule you have to try to be there to tell them its not allowed.

Tip 4
They will be afraid of you when you have to be strikt about the rules. Thats because they dont understeand why they are punished for in the first few days. Spend play time with them. This way you show them that your a friend and that you only get angry at them whey dey do those sertain things.

Tip 5
After you become mad at them and punish them for their mistake, be kind again within a few minutes. So the’ll know that you were only angry because of that one thing they did.

Tip 6
Some rules are really easy learned by giving them food or candy. I tought my cats how to sit in 2 days. But dont reward them for doing something bad.

And I say it again. Determinationis the key to teaching cats the rules of your house. Even if it takes weeks or even months, they will understand you eventuelly and know that your not an enemy but that you don’t want them to do certain things.

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