With these 8 tips your house will always look clean

Well of course just when you didn’t have time the last few days to clean up your house, you’re getting unexpected visitors. There is not enough time to clean the house…what now??!! Don’t worry with our 8 tips your house will look like it has been clean all along.

Tip 1
Only focus on the rooms that your visitors are going to see. If your visitors are not going to the bedroom just close the door and be done with it. If you have time before your guests arrive, you can still put some time in cleaning these rooms.

Tip 2
Take a big basket or bag and put everything in it that is lying around, like shoes, magazines, CD’s, books, post letters and bags. Everything that is in your way, but you don’t want to throw away, put it in a closet or a space that your visitors won’t come. You can leave magazines on the table but everything lying around tends to look sloppy. So, try cleaning out all the stuff from open surfaces .

Tip 3
Now that all the stuff is out of the way, go through the house again with a garbage bag to throw all the junk away. Like old toiletpaper, empty packages and everything that can be thrown away right away. Also empty all the trash cans in your house so it all looks clean and neat.

Tip 4
Dust can make a nice room look like it is dirty. So, it is wise to dust off all the visable furniture, like the closet, tv, and table. Work your way down from the top so your dusted parts don’t get dirty from falling dust. The best way to do this is to use a duster. Now, go through the house with the vacuum cleaner so the floor and the furniture are also clean.

Tip 5
Make sure the kitchen looks fresh and clean. Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and clean out the washbasin and make sure all the fingerprints are cleaned off the kitchen appliances.

Tip 6
Make sure that everything is refilled. Check the toilet paper, put fresh towels in the lavatory and change the candles that are burned out. Take a sniff to see if the house smells fresh. Do you have a dish with candy or chocolates? Then make sure these are refilled.

Tip 7
Provide Atmosphere. Hit the pillows on the couch so it looks inviting, put a vase with fresh flowers on the table. Light a few candles so it looks extra cosy.

Tip 8
Don’t forget that this is only a temporary solution and that the house will be easier to clean when you clean it up regularly.

With this tips you’re visitors can alway come over because you’re house will always look clean!

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